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#1 brainstorming

Conducting a brainstorming session with a startup like to build a website providing web design and development services is an engaging and productive process. To make the most of this opportunity, we considered the following these steps:

Pre-meeting preparation:

  • Research the startup's industry, target audience, competitors, and their current online presence (if any).

  • Gather your team and designate a facilitator to guide the brainstorming session.

  • Prepare a list of open-ended questions to prompt discussion and creativity.

Pre-meeting for

We conducted an initial analysis of Google's first search page to gain insights into the Vietnamese market, as is a startup without an existing online presence. Our team collaborated to develop a comprehensive set of questions designed to facilitate an efficient and effective brainstorming session.

Set the agenda:

  • Begin the meeting by briefly introducing your team and explaining the purpose of the brainstorming session.

  • Share the agenda, including objectives, time allocation, and desired outcomes.

  • Ensure that everyone understands their role in the session, and encourage open communication and active participation.

agenda setup with

We initiated the brainstorming session by introducing team roles and reaffirming our main objective: to generate innovative ideas, pinpoint client needs, and define a clear project direction. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of the client's goals, audience, and industry challenges, leading to tailored, impactful web solutions.

Define goals and objectives:

  • Ask the startup representatives to share their goals, objectives, and expectations for the web design and development project.

  • Discuss their target audience, desired user experience, and any specific features or functionalities they want on the website.

  • Take notes and encourage team members to ask clarifying questions.


goals and objectives defination with expressed interest in targeting individuals and organizations seeking web design and development services. We examined the saturated Vietnamese market and identified potential niche solutions, such as offering modern English copywriting, exceptional branding kits, and graphic design for young lifestyle startups like trendy restaurants, cafes, baby stores, beauty salons, and gyms. Furthermore, we emphasized the importance of a clean, focused website aimed at generating leads through social media platforms like WhatsApp and Zalo. 

Brainstorm ideas:

  • Present design and development concepts, trends, and best practices relevant to the startup's industry and audience.

  • Encourage the startup representatives and your team to contribute ideas and suggestions.

  • Use visual aids (e.g., whiteboard, sticky notes, or a digital tool) to capture and organize ideas.

  • Keep the conversation focused, while also allowing for creative tangents

ideas interactions with

We started to look at some other agencies and their websites delivering similar services but in different regions.

also checked some of our existing websites that we could reuse to build a new and fresh concept.

We quickly get ideas about delivering either a modern black and white website without menu with just simple explanation about the company and services, good animations and obviously many options to get the visitors click on a contact us button or to provide a more traditional website with multiple pages like a  clasic about us page featuring company pictures, services with colourful illustrations, pricing list and contact form.

Evaluate and prioritize:

  • Review the ideas generated and discuss the pros and cons of each.

  • Encourage the startup representatives to prioritize the ideas based on their goals, budget, and timeline.

  • Reach a consensus on the most feasible and impactful ideas to move forward with


evalution talk with

We discussed the two feasible options within our budget and timeline.

​The first option was a minimalist black and white website without a menu, offering a modern look, fast loading, clear messaging, and mobile-friendliness. However, it may have limited information, navigation, color appeal, and overemphasize "contact us" buttons which may deter some visitors.

The second option is a traditional website with multiple pages and a contact form, showcasing the business, engaging users with colourful illustrations, and providing transparency. However, it may be less modern, slower to get in touch, and require more resources to maintain.

Establish next steps:

  • Create a plan of action that outlines the chosen ideas, required resources, and a tentative timeline for implementation.

  • Assign roles and responsibilities to your team and the startup's representatives.

  • Schedule follow-up meetings to track progress, address any challenges, and maintain open communication.

next steps we agreed with

We have decided to combine the benefits of both design options to create a multi page website with a
"call to action scrolling landing page.

Our website will feature a minimalist design landing page, black and white, with fast loading and clear messaging, while also providing detailed information on separate pages.

We will rather engage users with a whatsapp-linked contact button placed on a top fixed header to make it always visible while scrolling through divs featuring smart headlines and  cool animations. we will include another final contact button on the footer to generate leads a provide fast communication.

In order to build the website, we will start creating a full timeline that should not take more than 30days including cost of each activity.

it will include the creation of a full brand identity with logo, font and theme selection. the
 creation of a site map and wireframe as well as all other activities related to the website copyrighting, design and development.

we will assign tasks to 2 of our developers with experience in front-end web development and web design but also use 1 great graphic designer and 1 talented copyrighter of ours.

we will give tasks to our  specialists in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as frameworks like React or Vue.js. 
Additionally, will use only developers that have experience with web animations and responsive design to ensure that the website looks great and functions well on a variety of devices.

We will give reports and show progress on each activity respecting our timeline via email, google meet call and whatsapp.

let's brainstorm!

make it with us!

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