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#3 web blueprint

this is a detailed plan that outlines the key features, functionality, and design of a website for the team to be aligned on the goals and vision of the project before development begins.

Define the purpose and goals of your website:

What is the main purpose of the website? Is it to sell products or services, provide information, or generate leads? What are the specific goals you want to achieve with the website, such as increased traffic or conversions?

Understanding the purpose and goals of the website is essential to creating an effective blueprint.

answer from

we need to showcase our services, portfolio, and expertise to potential clients. we therefore need to have a website that will attract new clients, educate visitors about services, build brand awareness, and generate leads.

Identify your target audience:

who are your target users? What are their demographics, interests, and needs?

Identifying your target audience will help us create a website that speaks directly to their needs and preferences.


answer from

Our target users are individuals or organizations who are interested in web design and development services.

These may include small businesses, startups, non-profit organizations, or larger corporations looking to revamp their online presence. 

We have the capacity to provide services in vietnam but also online via
communication channels such as whatsapp and google meet or similar.

we Conduct a content audit:

we will Review the existing content on the website, and determine what content needs to be updated or added. This may include product descriptions, service offerings, images, or other information.


report to is a startup, therefore we do not have any existing website to audit. We need to start everything from the scratch using already made wix strong templates.

Develop a site map:

A site map is a visual representation of the website's structure, showing how pages are linked and organized. This helps to ensure that all content is logically organized and easy to find.

celine site map

Develop a wireframe:

Wireframes are simple, diagrams that show the layout and functionality of the website. This helps to ensure that the website is easy to use and navigate. 

celinh wireframe

wireframe concept:

For celinh's project, we will find a wix template design that we can use as a simple "one-pager" scrollING website. in reality the website will feature more pages but we will hide them a bit on purpose. the first idea is to get each visitor scroll through 1 SIMPLE message: "This is who we are, contact us!"

in order to make it happen, we will manage to design a page without any navigation. we will showcase a TOP-fixed and clean header with The intention to force visitors clicking on a top right, smart-positioned, Whatsapp-linked button or to have them start scrolling until they finally contact.

while scrolling, we will find a single "about us" kind of paragraph featuring who we are and what we do into multiple divs. Each div will come with simple headlines and animated illustrations giving the first wow effect and result we intend. we will keep the visitors focused on animations rather than unnecessary content, leading them straight to the final "contact us" button so we generate leads.



On the top of already made wix templates We will use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build some external user interface and layout of the website. We will also use a JavaScript framework called Corvid that will allow us to bring more advanced functionality and customization.

On the back-end, we use a server-side scripting language called Velo (formerly Corvid backend) to handle server-side logic and database integration.

Velo allows our developers to create dynamic pages and applications that interact with databases and third-party APIs.

Overall, such technology stack is taken to provide a beautiful website with nice customization in a easy way and get advanced functionality access for more experienced celinh's developers.


let's blueprint!

just click bellow!

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